We filmed this event on the spring equinox during a trip to Mexico.  The video shows a very special interaction between the Sun and The Temple of the Seven Dolls in Dzibilchatan, Yucatan, which only occurs at sunrise on the surrounding the Spring Equinox.  The Mayans believed this opened a gate to the future.  As you watch the video you will notice a series of geometric figures appear... www.pyramidhealing.org

Sacred Healing Ceremony in Yucatan

We filmed this in the Yucatan at a healing ceremony.  This ceremony features Maracame of the Huichole...


100-Mile Long Oil Slick Spotted Off Louisiana Coast

"The environmental writer and frequent Huffington Post contributor Jerry Cope has confirmed the approximate size of the slick and says that skimming operations have been under way for at least 24 hours now. The suspected source is the Matterhorn Mc243 facility only about 25 miles from where BP’s Macondo well spewed more than 200 million gallons of crude into the Gulf last year..."

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72 of these across the US.

(You have more of a chance of getting killed by a bee than a terrorist!) Close the Fusion Centers!

WHY? Army wants rapid-fire rubber bullets for crowd control

"The US army is planning to field "rubber bullets" for machine guns. Military officials claim the ammunition will allow them to more effectively quell violent protests without loss of life, but human rights campaigners are alarmed by the new weapon..."


Mass Animal Deaths - Corexit - A video

Here is an interesting discussiont about the Mass Animal Deaths possibly being related to Corexit and oil contamination of the ecosystem.

5 More Dolphin Carcasses Wash Ashore - Orange Beach, AL


See Map

View Mass Animal Deaths in a larger map

"Near-record numbers of manatees have died in Florida waters in early 2011"

"...Authorities at the National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration are also investigating the huge increase in baby dolphins found washed up dead along the US Gulf Coast, in the first birthing season since the BP oil spill disaster."


More Spying: Air Force's X-37B Space Plane Launching on Secret Mission Friday

"The U.S. Air Force's secretive X-37B space plane is poised to launch on its second mission Friday (March 4), though what exactly it will be doing once it leaves the ground remains a mystery."


House Republicans attempt to revive Real ID

Stop Real ID
"If you’re a resident of one of at least 24 states including Arizona, Georgia, and Washington, your driver’s license may no longer be valid for boarding an airplane or entering federal buildings as of May 11, 2011."


Russia: Libyan Airstrikes did NOT take place


BP Gulf Flashback: Massive Oil Deposits Found on Seafloor - Oil, Corexit Found in Blue Crabe Larvae


The Music of Sun Ra

Enjoy the music of Sun Ra, one of the pioneers of avant-garde jazz.

Follow the Financial War in Iceland - Red Ice Radio

We support Red Ice Radio!

New mini Documentary Exposing Fluoride - Poison, Industrial Waste

Watch it free here:  http://naturalnews.tv/v.asp?v=42652E035A1B1BAAAE1F340B54694975

Also download this poster to stop water fluoridation.  Post it everywhere!

Gold Price All Time High, Silver 30 Year High


Christina Aguilera Arrested

Christina Aguilera arrested for reported public intoxication!
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Update on Baby Dolphin Deaths: Watch for BP Sponsored Misinformation

Watch out for more and more disinformation by government scientific organizations and media outlets co-opted by BP and other corporate masters.  The article below illustrates the problem.  A pattern (locations of the found baby dolphin carcasses) is discussed.  The practitioners of misinformation (including a NOAA scientist) try to say that the fact that more carcasses were found on Alabama and Mississippi shores greatly reduces the  possibility of connection to the spilled oil (note they fail to mention Corexit, which interestingly has the side-effect of miscarriages in mammals) because fewer dolphin carcasses have been found on Louisiana shores.  Scientists promote several unfounded or far-fetched hypotheses, just as with the mass deaths of birds, fish and other see life in the past six months, rather that consider  the possibility that we might be seeing effects on the ecosystem of the largest oil spill in history coupled with the largest use of chemical dispersant (Corexit 9500, Corexit 9527) in history.   Please read the following article with a critical eye!

Baby dolphin deaths focused on Ala., Miss. coasts